St John Ambulance asks Victorians, ‘does anyone know first aid?’

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St John Ambulance Victoria has launched its new brand platform, ‘Know First Aid’, with a campaign that questions the audience about how they would respond in an emergency.

Produced in partnership with Airbag, the campaign will be rolling out across TV, radio, digital and social with Town Square also handling all media planning and buying responsibilities.

The campaign is built around the insight that 45% of all deaths of those aged under 44 in Australia are due to accidents, yet only 1 in 8 Australians know first aid, one of the lowest rates in the world. An estimated 59% of deaths from injuries could be prevented by first aid being administered before emergency services arrive.

From this, the simple but powerful ‘Know First Aid’ platform was created. It focuses on the first moments after something awful happens because when something happens, having first aid training is the difference between knowing what to do next, or not.

“When you look at the statistics it’s shocking how many Australians could be saved each year through the simple act of more of us knowing first aid, which really underlines the crucial role that St John Ambulance Victoria play in the community, and the importance of helping them continue to grow and increase their impact on Victorian communities. In fact, since uncovering this statistic we felt we had to take direct action ourselves and we have had our entire agency trained in first aid.” Said Town Square CSO Neville Doyle.

“It’s a campaign that’s all about coming in late and leaving early. It’s not about what happened, it’s about what happens next. The in-between time, where first aid lives and every second is crucial. The oner style films and radio spots exaggerate this making it clear that every moment counts—there is no escape or edit points in real life.” Town Square ECD Brendan Day added.

The campaign aims to highlight the importance of the work that St John Ambulance does, and encourage Victorians to search for more information on the many different ways St John Ambulance Victoria operates in their community.

St John Ambulance Victoria Marketing and Community Manager, Emma Klinakis said “It’s exciting to see the work from our partnership with Town Square out in the world. We’re very proud of the work we do here and the tangible impact it has on the lives of all Victorians. We hope we can inspire people to know first aid whilst also educating them on the vast number of ways that St John Ambulance Victoria interacts with and helps supports events, communities and people across Victoria.”

You can see more of the work here or visit the St John website to learn first aid now. If you want to find out how we could help your brand compel its audience into action, contact Alison now.