Opinion : What’s in a name? Facebook by any other name isn’t smelling so sweet.

The Town Square team takes a look back at one year of Meta, and the take up of the metaverse. What’s in a name? Facebook by any other name isn’t smelling so sweet.

In the media: ‘Why there is value in public service for major brands’

Town Square Creative Director, Brendan Day, discusses the thinking behind St John Ambulance Victoria’s new campaign Know First Aid in a piece by Brad Howarth for CMO Australia.

Town Square wins Siren Awards Round 1 for St John Ambulance Victoria

This article is published in full with permission from Commercial Radio Australia. You can read the full article here or across several publications including AdNews, B&T and Mediaweek.

Strathcona say ‘It’s Personal’ with new campaign

Strathcona Girls Grammar challenge competitors by embracing their smaller size, focus on individual student growth and longstanding heritage of fostering strong, independent women.

TS creates new kitesurfing destination brand for Discover Qatar

There are plenty of things that come to mind when you think of the Middle East and more specifically Qatar. Oddly enough, kitesurfing isn’t one of them. Perhaps, until now.

Welcome to the Whale Sharks of Qatar

Yes, you read right. And no, it’s not a big new blockbuster film. It is however one of the newest and most amazing natural attractions you are likely to find anywhere in this big wide world of ours.