Welcome to the Whale Sharks of Qatar

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Yes, you read right. And no, it’s not a big new blockbuster film. It is however one of the newest and most amazing natural attractions you are likely to find anywhere in this big wide world of ours.

Just off the northern tip of Qatar’s coast lies home to something you just wouldn’t expect from a country like Qatar. That is one of the largest congregations of Whale Sharks that you’ll find anywhere in the world.

It’s here that hundreds of these gentle giants, the world’s largest fish, have found a paradise. It’s the region’s unique ecosystem that attracts them. The region’s cooler waters make for a perfect breeding ground for fish, which leads to an abundance of fish eggs—the whale shark’s number one food source.

Only in Qatar can you cruise amongst them seeing hundreds at any one time. Carefully travelling so as not to disturb these secretive and gentle creatures. It will almost feel like you are becoming one with the pod—something few others in the world have ever experienced.

In bringing this truly global natural phenomenon to life we created a simple yet bold identity and a series of executions that honoured the larger-than-life gravitas of the product. With the full communications rollout still to come.

If you’re interested, tours are run exclusively by Discover Qatar, the Destination Management Company (DMC) for Qatar Airways. You can join a group of likeminded adventurers on the Daily Explorer or go all out indulgence with your very own Private Charter for you and up to 16 guests.

These carefully curated tours will get you up and close with the whale sharks without causing harm to them or their habitat. And every departure has a whale shark expert onboard to teach you all about this majestic animal.

You can learn more about the tours at the Discover Qatar website. If you’d like to discuss how we could help your launch your brand, contact Town Square GM, Alison Ray.