Serious carnivores endorse Tasman Butchers

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Some people buy meat at a supermarket – sacrificing choice and value for convenience. Others who can afford it, go to an independent butcher and pay whatever it costs for good quality. But real meat lovers go to Tasman Butchers.

In a world where meat buyers struggle to find real choice and value, Tasman Butchers understands that many people are frustrated at the range, quality and price of meat in supermarkets and regular butchers shops.

Where Meat Lovers Go establishes Tasman Butchers as the destination for anyone who cares about range, quality and price when they are putting meals on the table for a hungry family. The TV campaign features Karen and Sarah, two busy mums with mouths to feed, each explaining how Tasman helps them to satisfy their families’ appetite for a good, meaty diet – they are, after all, a grizzly bear and a wolf.

The campaign launches in Melbourne in April 2018, on TV, radio, OOH and digital media and focuses on encouraging people to break their meat shopping routines and to let their love of good, fresh meat lead them to their nearest Tasman Butchers. With seventeen stores across Melbourne and regional Victoria, no one else sources as much fresh meat direct from Victorian farmers as Tasman Butchers. Tasman Butchers has been dedicated to putting the best fresh meat on your table at the very best price for over 30 years.

Alex Micari, CEO of Tasman Butchers said, “The way people shop for meat can become a habit – and a habit that has them putting up with poor choice and high prices. Where Meat Lovers Go is our message to the many Melburnians who don’t realise they have a Tasman Butchers nearby, where teams of expert butchers prepare the fresh meat you want every day, just the way you like it – and at prices that make meat more affordable for families who shop on a budget”.

So, if you’re looking for the best meat at the best price for your next meal, visit now. But if what you’re really hungry for is more customers more often, contact Harry on 03 8534 3333 or email now.