Creating a club you’ll want to join

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All too often, branded merch forgets about the people that use it. When it came time to redesign APT’s loyalty club experience, we wanted to infuse elegance and functionality into every member touchpoint.

In the travel and tourism industry, brands use clubs and schemes to incentivise customers to remain loyal. Which makes complete sense. Unfortunately, more often than not, brands see this as an opportunity to smother their customer with undesirable branded merchandise.

Huge logos, colours that don’t complement the brand and peculiar pieces that are gimmicky rather than functional. It’s no way to treat a loyal customer. So, when we were briefed to redesign APT’s loyalty program, APT Club, we wanted to create a club that customers would be proud to be a part of.

APT is a luxury travel brand. Its guests are discerning. They are people who’ve worked hard in life to reach a certain level of social status. And while they don’t see themselves as flashy and pretentious, they associate with brands and products that exude timeless elegance. And that’s exactly what we’ve created for APT Club – a refined, classic yet contemporary collection of branded travel items and collateral.

The collection, which started shipping to APT guests in early 2018, includes baggage tags, packing cells, toiletry bags, backpacks and overnight bags for both men and women. The value of the products increases with the loyalty level of each guest. Understated collateral was designed to accompany each level of memberships, welcoming guests to the new club.

You can see some of the range in the carousel above. If you’d like a closer look, or perhaps discuss a loyalty club you’re working on, contact Harry now.