Tourism is Victoria’s Business

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When Victoria’s tourism industry needs government to come to the party with vital infrastructure funding, it’s time to celebrate the role of the visitor economy in driving prosperity, state-wide.

The visitor economy is worth $26 billion to Victoria and represents a driver of the State’s prosperity, having grown at a faster rate than the economy over the last 10 years. The Victoria Tourism Industry Council is the peak body for the tourism industry and when VTIC needed to create a campaign identity for its state election advocacy campaign, it turned to Town Square.

With an existing campaign line (from CPR) that alludes to the economic yield of Victoria’s great destinations, our response was to create an arresting visual tension between neon retail signage and dramatic destination scenes. The idea looks nothing like a conventional advocacy campaign and positions the industry as a progressive force in the Victorian economy, calling for significant funding commitments to support the Government target of 320,000 jobs by 2025. The campaign acts as a rallying cry for tourism operators across the State – particularly those businesses that underpin fragile local economies throughout regional Victoria.

Why should public sector, industry advocacy communication be presented in a conventional and predictable manner? These audiences respond to compelling design just like anyone else. If you need to cut through and get your message across, contact Harry on 03 8534 3333 or email now.