Know First Aid takes two Bronze at AWARD

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St John’s Know First Aid picked up two Bronze at AWARD. One for Film Advertising in the Purpose category and one for Integrated Campaign in Health Awareness & Social Responsibility. Yew!

Know First Aid is the brand platform we launched in 2022 for St John Ambulance Victoria. The hard-hitting work was made memorable, compelling and impactful by switching focus from the victim to the responder—from what happened to what happens next. With the singe-take films and radio spots emphasising that there are no edit points – and no escape – in real life.

The work won two Bronze at Australia’s biggest and most revered award show, AWARD. The first was for Film Advertising, Campaign, in the Purpose category, recognising not just one but all three film executions. And the second was for Integrated Campaign in the Health Awareness & Social Responsibly category, recognising the combined efforts of the film, radio, outdoor and social mediums.

A massive thank you to the team at St John Ambulance Victoria for partnering on such inspiring work. And to all our production partners for helping make it happen including Airbag Productions, director Nicholas Carlton, photographer Rob Geary, producer Danny Braunstein and so many more.

The Know First Aid campaign continues to run with new iterations of the platform due for release later in 2023.