FLEX launch in Australia with ‘Made for Experts’

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100 years in the making, Town Square launch FLEX in Australia with ‘Made for Experts’, a campaign that asks trade specialists one simple question, “are you good enough for FLEX?”.

There’s a strong bond between a tradesperson and their power tools. Especially if they can’t afford to make mistakes. Although globally recognised, FLEX needed to prove themselves worthy of such trust to an Australian audience.

For 100 years, FLEX have delivered precision power tools for metal, stone, construction and automotive specialists. They invented the angle grinder, polisher and other fundamental tools of the trade used by millions today.

In their debut Australian campaign, FLEX challenged the integrity of its target audience by using an unconventional tone of voice for the category – something subverted and clever, as opposed to loud and proud. Each spot positioned FLEX’s specialised power tools as best in class, then asked the target audience if they had the skills, knowledge or care to use them.

Ultimately, that question was there’s to answer.

Using a suite of communications including digital, print and re-targeting that offered a full money back guarantee if FLEX was ‘too much tool to handle’, Town Square established the brand’s prestige and heritage in a new Australian market.

You can learn more about FLEX’s range here. For work that speaks directly to your audience, contact Town Square GM, Alison Ray.