If food allergies are a thing in your household, check this out.

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We’re backing myWellabee—the food tech start-up on a mission to make it easier for people with food allergies to discover and source the foods that work for us.

If you don’t have food allergies or intolerances of your own, then you certainly know people who do. We live in a world where 64% of us actively exclude food items from our diet*. And yet the complexity of the food system creates a huge challenge for households who need to be diligent every day in finding food that’s nutritious, tasty and safe for their family to eat.

MyWellabee is a new food discovery platform. Create your household’s unique dietary profile and myWellabee finds the food you’re looking for—from popcorn to pizza and ice-cream to instant coffee—and shows you where to buy it for less. Whether it’s a low FODMAP, Kosher, Tree nut-free, soy-free, or Rastafarian diet, or you just want foods safe for breast-feeding Mums, MyWellabee makes life a whole lot simpler.

MyWellabee is an international tech start-up and Town Square is working with the team to develop the marketing strategy and branding and communications as we take the early steps towards building a global user-base, pitching for venture capital as we go.

So if your family needs a Vegan ravioli, try myWellabee. If your start-up needs strategic and creative firepower to build the brand and find the market fit, talk to Alison Ray.