EGO Commercial launches It’s Simple EGONOMICS

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EGO Power Plus has launched its highly anticipated range of commercial outdoor power equipment with a new brand platform that makes the choice obvious for any professional landscaper or gardener.

There’s no one reason why a professional landscaper might choose EGO Commercial over competitors. In fact, there are many. Like the flow on effects of getting the job done quicker because your tools are lighter, or how you can reinvest if you’re saving thousands on fuel.

‘It’s Simple EGONOMICS’ is all about breaking that down in layman’s terms, demonstrating how EGO Commercial helps fulfill a myriad of needs and wants for landscapers or gardeners running their own business.

Tone of voice was critical to the success of the campaign, with both messaging and execution aiming to speak to its audience on the level, explaining these benefits landscaper to landscaper, emphasising EGO Commercial as the professional’s choice.

The campaign was strategically launched across Google and Meta, targeting landscapers and gardeners with a variety of feature driven product spots that unpacked how EGO Commercial can cut costs, reduce downtime, increase productivity and more.

As a challenger brand, ‘It’s Simple EGONOMICS’ creates distinction for EGO Power Plus in a cluttered market by avoiding a category standard approach about power. Instead the work explores the wider advantages of using EGO Commercial and how these specifically benefit a landscaper’s business.

If you know a professional landscaper or gardener in need of a serious upgrade, point them in the direction of EGO Commercial. For all other enquiries, contact GM Alison Ray.