TS launches first campaign for Uni-PRO

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Launching our first work for UNi-PRO, the biggest paint accessories brand in Bunnings. The campaign positions the brand as the choice for those who want to paint like a pro.

Uni-PRO is Australia’s leading provider of paint accessories, offering everything DIYers and professionals need to paint like a pro, minus the paint.

Having done limited advertising in the last few decades, this would be their first major campaign to bring the brand to life outside of the store environment.

Town Square, in collaboration with independent media agency Match and Wood, was briefed to develop a simple, impactful campaign that would reinforce the brand’s core message.

Through a distinctive and memorable line that plays off the brand name, plus a media strategy that focused on major arterials close to hardware stores, the campaign was about generating awareness in environments close to where our customers would transact.

Digital and social channels were used to take the message deeper, focusing on product range and helping users understand all the ways to create the best possible outcome for their project.

If you’d like to learn more about Uni-PRO, visit their website here. If you’d like more information about how we can help your retail brand stand out in a competitive retail environment, speak to Alison.