Town Square pledges to ‘Say No to No’.

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As the Australian government commits to a same-sex marriage postal plebiscite, Town Square pledges not to work on advertising promoting the ‘No’ campaign.

Last week, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced that Australia will participate in a postal plebiscite on the same-sex marriage debate. Soon after, advertising agency The Royals released their Say No to No campaign for members of the communications industry to pledge not to work on harmful ‘No’ campaigns. Town Square signed up without hesitation, joined by other advertising agencies including DDB, Y&R, Clemenger BBDO, CHE Proximity, Ogilvy, McCann and many more.

Although nothing more than an opinion poll at this stage, a ‘Yes’ vote will allow a private member’s bill to be introduced during the final sitting fortnight of 2017. As such, opinions on the subject are strong and divided, with proponents from both sides loudly vocalising their opinions.

It’s important to note that the safeguards of the Commonwealth Electoral Act that usually apply will be discarded. Blocked by the senate, the plebiscite is being conducted as a ‘non-compulsory marriage survey’ by the ABS. This means that any messaging produced on either side of the campaign does not need to pass the usual authorisation requirements, and deceptive or misleading information can be freely communicated by both sides of the debate.

As a contentious issue, the loudest voices against same-sex marriage are also the most hurtful. The ‘Say No to No’ campaign makes a stand against condoning negative messages against equality. Together, the advertising industry can prevent false or misleading information from being produced and widely shared.

Although Town Square agrees that everyone has a right to their opinion, the company stands by their belief that marriage equality is a human right, and it goes against company policy to produce work that suggests otherwise.

Pledge your support: Say No to No.