Time to take the school holidays to the next level

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Parents are spoilt for choice when it comes to the school holidays, yet they often fall into a routine of doing the same things. In a bold retail campaign, Town Square showed Melburnians how to Level Up.

Following a $2 million investment in new VR technology, there’s more to do and see at Melbourne Skydeck than ever before. To gain interest in holiday goers, Town Square gamified the experience from top to bottom.

By turning its thrilling experiences into a series of escalating challenges that started on the ground floor and finished on Level 88, Level Up created compelling new ways for people to engage with Melbourne Skydeck.

Achievements were tracked via a stamp card that would be handed out upon entry, encouraging a sense of competition among younger participants which heightened the achievement of beating the Level Up Challenge.

The campaign was rolled out across social and digital, with impactful outdoor placements that inspired parents and children to elevate their school holidays and experience Melbourne on another level.

Level Up the holidays here or reach out to GM Alison Ray to see more destination driven work for Journey Beyond Group.