Meet the people making a move against petrol

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Following the launch of its bold new campaign platform Proud Partner of Planet Earth, EGO Power Plus is celebrating the unique voices leading the green revolution in a three-episode doco series.

From domestic users to small business owners and Jim’s Mowing franchisees, there’s no shortage of Aussies that have made the switch to EGO Power Plus, and each have a fascinating story garden lovers need to hear.

Working alongside production company Neon Sheep, Town Square created three mini documentaries that captured an authentic day in the life of these Proud Partners and the way EGO Power Plus helps improve
the way they work.

These stories challenged negative perceptions toward battery powered outdoor equipment and explored more pressing environmental issues caused by combustion engines, like the risks of keeping petrol cannisters in a hot shed or stray sparks causing paddock fires.

The diversity in casting allowed Town Square to demonstrate the domestic and commercial benefits of EGO Power Plus from a genuine point of view, challenging sceptics to reconsider the brand.

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