Outback Spirit. The Only Way to Outback.

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Outback Spirit create journeys that take you deeper into the Aussie outback. In their first national campaign via Town Square, they make it known that there’s only one way to do it right.

Arnhem Land, The Kimberley, Cape York and further beyond. You name it, Outback Spirit go there. But with little recognition, they needed a distinct message that would captivate a wider Australian audience.

Outback Spirit have been doing this for a long, long time, working with local communities and guides to take you further into the Aussie outback than anyone else. The experience is as memorable as it is unique, allowing people to truly immerse themselves in parts of Australia most can only dream about.

One in two Outback Spirit travellers are return customers. It’s indicative of the product itself, and real testament to the brand being the ‘The Only Way to Outback’. The creative embraced this insight and championed how Outback Spirit elevates these magnificent parts of the country to an entirely new level.

Town Square needed a strong media approach to support an equally strong message and in partnership with Wavemaker, Outback Spirit reached its largest audience ever in a landmark national TV campaign and significantly boosted sales across their 2023 guided 4WD adventures.

For more work that is as bold as it is effective, contact Town Square GM, Alison Ray.