First Home How To five-part podcast

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First Home How To is a simple, five-part process, that illuminates actionable steps to first home pride—delivered in partnership with the people, publications and media channels first homebuyers engage with and
trust most.

Buying a new first home is one of the biggest decisions we’re ever likely to make. It can be pretty scary, confusing and intimidating stuff. And developers, for the most part, don’t really help the situation. First homebuyers are inundated with promotional marketing messages that often cloud the truth.

Frasers Property enlisted Town Square’s help to address the issue. Together, we’ve created First Home How To—a campaign to help first home buyers into their first new home. While other developers persuade people into purchasing at any cost, Frasers will educate them, and arm them with the know-how they need to make their first new home a proud one.

First Home How To guides purchasers through the process with five easy to follow steps: Location, Developer, Finance, Design and Sustainability.

But why should anyone just take the word of the developer? Well, they shouldn’t. This is where the experts come in. By aligning with people who know best (who are not connected to the brand), we uncovered real insights, the nuggets of gold, that will be of invaluable help to new homebuyers. Authentic, meaningful, and hopefully a little bit entertaining at the same time.

The content is delivered through a five-part podcast developed in partnership with Nova, and a printed guidelines that goes into all the detail. Even the advertising, delivered through Instagram and Facebook is designed to provide homebuyers with value, rather than just push them to a website.

The campaign is currently live. You can listen to the podcast and download the guidelines at the First Home How To website. Or if you’d like to discuss creating real value through your brand communication, contact Harry now.