EGO launches a new movement ‘Proud Partner of Planet Earth’

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EGO Power Plus has launched a new campaign to drive awareness of a better way to look after their backyards and the planet at the same time to coincide with Earth Day 2023.

Many Australians are unaware that everyday outdoor petrol-powered equipment such as mowers, leaf blowers and hedge trimmers are not only toxic, but harmful to the environment.

Operating a commercial leaf blower for an hour emits levels of pollution comparable to driving 1,700 kilometres in a passenger car—approximately the distance from Melbourne to Brisbane—with an average drive time of more than 18 hours, according to research. The problem is so big the US state of California has announced a ban on the sale of small off-road engines from 2024, including petrol mowers, blowers, line trimmers, chainsaws and other garden equipment.

To coincide with Earth Day on 22 April, EGO Power Plus and Town Square have launched ‘Proud Partner of Planet Earth’, a new campaign highlighting the power of battery powered outdoor equipment to the growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.

Demonstrating that EGO Power Plus is the only outdoor power equipment brand with no vested interest in petrol, and recognising its status as a proud partner of planet Earth, EGO and Town Square developed a series of communications that bring a sense of protest and a social movement to the environmentally focused message.

The campaign runs across social, YouTube and digital out of home, including large format billboards on key arterials and near places of interest, locations near category retailers and Earth Day events. Small format digital OOH will include charging stations for electric vehicles and petrol stations and the OOH strategy is supported by Meta and search.

Jackson Van Maanen, Client Lead at Town Square, said: “In the outdoor power equipment category, the toxicity of petrol products is a serious problem. EGO is one of very few brands that have never invested in petrol, and the only brand with battery products that meet or exceed it in power. As more consumers and brands are starting to make the green switch, we created a campaign that backed these unique credentials to promote battery-powered outdoor equipment in a way that no other brand in the category can.”

Jason Ellis, Marketing Manager at Chervon Group, owner of EGO Power Plus, added: “Most Australians may not realise that sitting in their garden sheds are petrol powered tools that are damaging to the environment and the planet. EGO Power Plus is a credible alternative to petrol and ‘Proud Partner of Planet Earth’ is a long-term positioning that reaffirms our leadership position as the most awarded battery-powered outdoor power equipment platform in the world.”

Visit the website to learn more about becoming a Proud Partner of Planet Earth. If you want to discuss bringing your brand’s purpose to life, contact Alison.