Designing a new local Victorian brand: Little Yarra Furniture

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It is a privilege to create a new brand from scratch. Especially when the brand itself is a celebration of local craft skills. The chance to reflect this authentic dedication through the identity is a precious opportunity.

Where better to establish a new hardwood furniture business than Powelltown?

Powelltown is a settlement on the banks of the Little Yarra river, south of Warburton, Victoria. Since 1912, generations of Powelltown locals have been sustainably producing high quality graded timber in a valley surrounded by the forested Yarra Ranges.

Little Yarra Furniture is a new venture creating contemporary, bespoke furniture, handcrafted from these ethically sourced native Victorian hardwoods. This is a brand born from the foundational belief that a deeper understanding of the material leads to a finer application of the craft.

It’s a new company that is in the all too rare business of manufacturing Victorian products from Victorian materials, sustaining local livelihoods and protecting craft skills and techniques handed down through the generations.

Town Square developed the brand, launch strategy, website and communications, collaborating with Melbourne photographer Annika Kafcaloudis to bring the imagery to life. The brand tells the story of an earthy, personalised and distinctly local maker producing bespoke pieces for people who are passionate about timber products, where they come from and how they are made.

You can visit the Little Yarra showroom in the old Powelltown Post Office—you can’t miss it as you head through town. Or check out the website here.

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