Campaign for Vic Government encourages new apprenticeships

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When businesses struggle hiring stops, especially for apprentices. To encourage reconsideration, we launched ‘Give ‘em a go’ for ASA in partnership with the Vic Government.

To date, Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) has run nationally created campaigns that encourage businesses to take on an apprentice.

Small to medium independent businesses were hit particularly hard in 2020, and these are the ones most likely to take on one or two apprentices a year, driving the demand for a skills-based workforce.

For summer 2020/21, we were tasked with creating a new campaign specific to Victoria—sympathetic to the struggles of Victorian businesses from COVID and raising awareness of the Government’s recently announced financial incentives to employ an apprentice or trainee.

Our role was to remind business owners to continue to plan for their future workforce and to convey the multidimensional value an apprentice can bring—while at the same time demonstrating how the Government is enabling this with new incentives.

Our creative focused on two key points. Firstly, any business can take on a trainee or apprentice, not just the stereotypical construction industries. And secondly, the fact that most skilled professionals were apprentices themselves back in the day, so industry must continue to give others a chance, much as we were given once upon a time.

To find out more about ASA, visit their website here. To find out how we could help your brand through the challenges of COVID, contact Alison now.