APT celebrates eight years of Australian Open broadcast sponsorship

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Only Australia’s leading luxury group travel company could take on COVID and launch the country’s most diverse collection of domestic tours and cruises during the Aus Open.

Town Square first proposed a broadcast sponsorship for the Australian Open to APT Travel Group in 2014. Now in its eighth year, this sponsorship forms a fundamental part of APT’s annual marketing plan and has become a key feature of the viewer experience for major event in Australia’s annual sporting calendar.

Closing out 2020 with a broadcast sponsorship of the 2021 Australian Open was always going to be a challenge.

In a year when the travel industry was particularly hard hit, investment in such a sponsorship required commitment, confidence and product innovation from APT. Moreover, managing the lack of tournament certainty, media negations and broadcast advertising production with constantly moving dates and restrictions made for a challenging campaign development, production and implementation.

With the tournament currently on our screens, it’s extremely satisfying to see this media partnership continue to work so hard.

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