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Youngbloods Vic provided budding suits with a rare opportunity to learn one-on-one from industry leaders.

Last Thursday Youngbloods Vic hosted a Speed Mentoring event at Town Square. The speed mentoring format gave ambitious suits a chance to soak up some career life lessons from cherry-picked mentors, including Founders, CEOs, MDs and Directors from top Melbourne agencies.

The one-on-one conversations were focussed around career development and enabled mentees to speak with multiple mentors for five minutes each, commencing and closing with the ding of a school bell. Judging from the lively babble in the room, all left that little bit wiser.

Michael Titshall, Managing Director
CHE Proximity
“In such a diverse industry, the Youngbloods Mentoring event is a rare opportunity for attendees to explore different career opportunities from a variety of viewpoints. There is such an enthusiastic culture at these events, and I find agencies learn as much as the attendees on how the next generation is going to push creativity forward.”

Alice Tschuchnigg, Senior Business Director
Saatchi & Saatchi
“I was excited to be asked to mentor at the recent Youngbloods Speed Mentoring event. On the night, I realised pretty quickly that I probably should’ve signed up as a mentee. The calibre of mentors was incredible! I wish I had access to our industry leaders in a forum like this back when I was a Youngblood. This is a night not to be missed if you want up-close access to the best in our business.”

Andrew Fabbro, Founder
AJF Partnership
“The mentoring night organised by The Communications Council was a nice way to give something back to the industry and its future stars. I am hoping it was a valuable night for the mentees, but from a mentor point of view, it was good to see there is a lot of passion for what we do.”

Jessica Hay, Account Manager
Town Square
“As suits we are often left to do a lot of the heavy lifting, which doesn’t always have as much obvious creative reward. But after chatting to leaders within this field at the event, I was left feeling really inspired, very proud of the work we put in and made more aware of the influence we can make.”

Kyle Gradidge, Account Executive
CHE Proximity
“Gaining insight into their personal development and career progression also opened up a dialogue for some actions to implement straight away to get some short-term wins on the board.’’

Tim Marshall, Business Executive
Saatchi & Saatchi
“I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Speed Mentoring night and would highly recommend to anyone who is as fresh to the industry like I was. I engaged in worthwhile, in-depth conversations with leaders in the advertising industry, who were able to offer friendly advice and guidance in the short period of time I had with them. It was also a great way to meet new people, some of whom I will cross paths with again in the future I am sure.”

Youngbloods Vic is an industry body for anyone working in creative communications under 10 years (officially for people under 30). You can find out more about Youngbloods and Communication Council events here.

Town Square loves welcoming the creative community to events in our Prahran digs. Follow the Town Square LinkedIn page for updates and if you’re interested in hosting an event at Town Square please contact Anna.