The art of collaboration

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In collaboration with The Monthly and The Saturday Paper, Captain’s Choice have created The Journey Series. A series of once in a lifetime trips curated by some of the world’s leading cultural influencers.

In a world becoming ever smaller and more homogenized, Captain’s Choice strive to provide truly unique experiences. Rather than simply focusing on a physical journey or a destination, they are reimagining travel to provide once in a life time itineraries based on cultural and intellectual themes.

To do this, Captain’s Choice have teamed up with The Saturday Paper and The Monthly. This unique collaboration gives Captain’s Choice unparalleled access and insight into the world of art and culture, as well as a captive audience with similar values.

We have worked with Captain’s Choice, The Saturday Paper and The Monthly to create The Journey Series. Each journey will focus on a specific aspect of the human condition and will feature exclusive experiences. Whether marvelling at world class art, sitting down with famous authors, or exploring the latest in modern architecture, The Journey Series is a totally new way of seeing the world.

The Art Journey was the first in this series – an invitation into the world of European art. The amazing itinerary features dinner with artists and private tours of Europe’s top galleries, as well as behind the scenes access to the Venice Biennale, Milan Fashion Week, and the San Sebastian Film Festival.

The campaign avoids travel clichés. Instead we wanted to provoke this culturally active audience with work that appeals to their intelligence and knowledge of art. We took insights directly from the trip and distilled them to their simplest form, giving people a glimpse into the journey itself.

If you’re interested in The Art Journey and Captain’s Choice visit to learn more. Or if you’d like to turn your next piece of comms into a work of art, contact Harry on 03 8534 3333 or email now.