Tasman Butchers takes on the big boys (again)

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As BBQ season arrives, Tasman Butchers is going head on with the big two in a campaign that highlights the Tasman difference.

Tasman occupies a special space in the Victorian meat market. With its primary competition coming from Australia’s largest grocery stores including Coles and Woolworths, their ability to provide the best meat at the best price is an impressive feat.

Something of a David & Goliath story, Tasman Butchers have over 30 years’ experience providing high quality meat at an exceptionally competitive price. With 17 stores across Victoria, the secret to their success lies in old-fashioned values and excellent relationships with local suppliers – something highlighted in our latest TV campaign.

To celebrate the pre-release and launch of the TV campaign, 25 butchers from the Tasman Butchers store network came to the Town Square office in Prahran. The three television commercials, created by Town Square, are being broadcast across the spring and summer period.

“The ads were created to highlight the Tasman Butchers difference,” explained Alex Micari, Tasman Butchers’ CEO. “And the fact that customers can’t get the level of service, quality or price offered by Tasman in a supermarket,” he said.

Through creative thinking and strategic storytelling, the 15 and 30 second spots use playful narratives to illustrate the unique aspects of the business that set them apart from larger grocery stores.

Starring actor Armando Tersigni as the face of every Tasman Butchers’ butcher, the first TVC keeps it intimate to show the direct relationship between farmer and store.

“All of our suppliers are local Victorian farmers who deliver the whole animal directly to each store,” said Micari. “Our butchers will cut the meat exactly how the customer wants it,” he said.

Nearing the end of the presentation, special guest Tersigni greeted the butchers in-character before heading into the Town Square backyard to help man the BBQ alongside the Tasman Butchers’ community cook.

Serving a range of Tasman Butchers products, including the gold medal winning Pepper & Worstershire Beef sausages and Red Thai & Chilli beef sausages, hungry butchers and agency folk mingled over lunch.

Aside from a great excuse for a BBQ, the lunch gave the butchers the chance to meet Armando.

“He represents every single one of us,” said Micari. “He’s our public face, but it’s our butchers in every store every day who serve fresh, quality meat to our customers – just the way they like it,” he continued.

“And that’s the Tasman difference, because at the end of the day: you can’t get that in a supermarket,” he said.

Take a look at the Tasman Butchers TV commercials here. Or get in touch with Town Square today to discuss your next campaign.