Strathcona say ‘It’s Personal’ with new campaign

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Strathcona Girls Grammar challenge competitors by embracing their smaller size, focus on individual student growth and longstanding heritage of fostering strong, independent women.

As a smaller school up against big name competitors, Strathcona Girls Grammar often flies under the radar. To increase enrolments, they needed a message that would challenge parents in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs.

Since 1924, Strathcona Girls Grammar have delivered a top performing curriculum that fosters individual learning and an alumnus of visionary women, no matter what their ambitions or pursuits.

‘It’s Personal’ championed the fact that Strathcona Girls Grammar focused on each student individually. A simple message, but one bigger schools seldom live up to. Taking cues from the likes of Nike and Adidas, the creative used a refreshingly bold approach for the category, allowing significant cut through against competitors.

Supported by an integrated media rollout, including both OOH and digital, ‘It’s Personal’ targeted affluent parents within a 10km radius of Strathcona Girls Grammar. By ringfencing key locations, such as ballet and gymnastic schools, netball courts and competitor campuses, the campaign was able to reach over one million people – interrupting the local market and challenging their perceptions of private schools in the area.

At Town Square, every piece of business is personal. For more, contact General Manager Alison Ray.