Redefining luxury travel with
Captain’s Choice

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Town Square is working alongside a new leadership team at Captain’s Choice to develop a category-first luxury travel brand. Welcome to the World of Captain’s Choice.

Captain’s Choice have a long and rich history of innovating luxury travel experiences for a distinguished clientele. In 1994 they were the first to commission a Qantas commercial airliner and use it as a private jet for a select privileged few. But instead of taking large profits to fill the owner’s pockets, much was donated to charity. And so, this pioneering luxury travel brand was born.

Advance a couple of decades and countless global expeditions later, Captain’s Choice was becoming less unique in the market. Other Australian and international tour and cruise companies had lifted their game and had begun competing for the Captain’s Choice customer. Captain’s Choice had lost their edge in the super premium travel category.

Captain’s Choice appointed Town Square to help reposition the brand and reclaim its spot as Australia’s premier luxury travel provider. Town Square looked beyond a new logo, tagline or design language (although they recreated those too). And they recognised the need to go deeper than the lure of a first-class flight and a five-star hotel. Luxury today is about discovering worlds closed off to the common traveller. Getting underneath the skin of a destination to reveal its true colours. And doing so coddled by nothing but the best creature comforts.

Town Square created a new eco-system for the brand that ensures continued product innovation, Captain’s Choice only expeditions and a framework to tell its story and generate culturally relevant PR. 

The first phase of the brand evolution entered the market this year and early signs indicate a sales uplift across all inventory. The second phase of the evolution is due to hit market in 2018.

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