Made of Ballarat: A new chapter in this storied town

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For too long now, discerning tourists have perceived Ballarat to be ‘a bit dull’. ‘Old, cold and gold’ they say. But that’s an unfair judgement. And Made of Ballarat is here to argue why.

There’s a magnetic energy that’s pulling people to Ballarat. A generation of locals who left home to explore the world are returning with new ideas about what the region can become. While an influx of new Ballaratians are being lured here by the promise of a better life. Inspired by the rebellious leaders of Ballarat’s turbulent past, they’re forging their own future, and writing the next chapter of this historic town. And Made of Ballarat is here to celebrate it all.

This first phase of the campaign is about the people and produce – the creativity, productivity and craftsmanship – born of the same magical soil that produced one of history’s richest gold rushes.

These stories are being told through cinema, street posters, online ads and a broadsheet biannual that’s being distributed throughout Melbourne, all pushing people to Here, visitors can dig deeper into the campaign content, which includes articles and documentaries featuring the town’s makers. They can also book their spot in the Maker Event Series, small boutique events run by Ballarat’s artisans. While partnerships with Broadsheet, The Design Files and other brand ambassadors will bring cultural clout, encouraging reappraisal from discerning individuals.

At every touchpoint, the campaign is about co-operative involvement with Ballarat’s tourism providers. To ensure this experience is consistent when people visit the region, operators are being given Made of Ballarat packs inclusive of items that will help the visibility of the brand onsite.

In recent years, Ballarat has experienced lower visitation than other regional centres. This new campaign is intended to reposition Ballarat in the eyes of Melbournians, stimulating new visitation, new growth and a new sense of pride for the town.

If you’d like to discuss how a brand can be reimagined to bring a new level of distinctiveness, credibility and relevance, contact Harry at Town Square now.