A bloody good result for a bloody good cause

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It’s nothing but good news for Snowdome Foundation and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision following the inaugural Bloody Good Dinner which took place last week, Wednesday 7 June.

The charity dinner aimed to sell 350 seats, but was overwhelmed when the initial allocation sold out within weeks. To cater for the demand, the organising committee worked with the Meat Market and architect, Stephen Jolson, to reinvent the space for 416 guests.

But better news still was the money that was made. Snowdome Foundation and Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision set out to raise $300,000 to fund a world-first medical research project that aims to improve the outcomes of bone marrow transplantations (a procedure both blood cancer and bone marrow failure syndrome patients consistently undergo). Both organisations couldn’t believe it when the final tally amounted to nearly $400,000, ensuring the research will not only go ahead, but also unlock eligibility for international grants.

While the night was one of hope, it was also about taking the time to recognise just how serious an issue blood cancer and bone marrow failure syndrome is. Upon arrival, guests made their way through a walk of honour in remembrance of loved ones who’ve lost their fight against these fatal diseases. The message rang true once more in a short documentary, created by Light & Shade and Town Square, that followed the life of a patient who’s dealt with these debilitating diseases for much of his young life.

For enquires or to get involved in next year’s event, visit bloodygooddinner.com.au. Or for more about the amazing things these two organisations are doing visit snowdome.org.au or mrv.org.au

The Bloody Good Dinner is one of the select pro bono projects Town Square undertakes every year to give back to the community.