Who are we?

We’re Town Square. And we’re a communications agency.

What we specialise in (and what excites us) is stuff that matters. The non-superfluous. The things that involve high-cost, major commitment or long-term consequences. Some call them considered purchases.

Whether it’s a holiday of a lifetime, the home of your dreams, your tertiary education, or your elective surgery, we know how to generate enquiry and deliver the transaction. And then build loyalty and advocacy. 

We are a Melbourne-based company, working with clients across Australia since 2004. Formerly known as OBM Advertising, we changed our name to Town Square to better reflect the channel agnostic communications we develop today.

Town Square is the place where communications are shared broadly, content is consumed collectively or individually and where the things that matter are at the top of the agenda.

We are 100% independent – answerable only to our clients. We love what we do. We do it well. And we have plenty of fun doing it.

What do we do?

We work with consumer and business-to-business brands. We help established brands to stay in front in a fast-changing landscape and we bring new brands to life, from scratch.  

Here’s a broad list of the services we offer.

Marketing and brand strategy
Content marketing
Social media marketing
Media planning
Website development

Who should you contact?

If you’d like help with any aspect of your brand communications, give us a call on 03 8534 3333 and ask for Danielle or Harry. Or, you could just shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you.

Danielle Moeller


Harry Corsham



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