Channel 9 News confirms that it pays
to shop at Tasman Butchers

Tasman Butchers’ campaign to challenge supermarket shoppers to consider the price they pay for meat sparks mainstream media attention. See Channel 9 News’ investigation in the video below.

Tasman Butchers is Victoria’s biggest independent specialty butcher. Every week, Tasman buys more meat straight from the source, through a shorter, faster supply chain. So their meat is fresher – delivered to stores daily, unlike supermarkets and independent butchers. They use the whole animal (97%). No one else does this. So their volume, their efficiency and their single-minded focus on meat enable them to deliver consistently better value than their competitors.

So why do we keep shopping at supermarkets?

Town Square in collaboration with Tasman Butchers have released a retail campaign that directly challenges supermarket shoppers to consider what constitutes good value when it comes to buying fresh meat. The executions combine Taman Butchers benefits with a price promotion that is considerably less than all supermarkets. At the end, the consumer is asked, ‘so why pay supermarket prices?’ 

The campaign has captured the attention of supermarket shoppers, supermarkets themselves, and now mainstream media, with Channel 9 News running a segment that confirmed Tasman Butchers comes out on top.

You can watch the news segment in the carousel above. Visit for the best meat at the best price. Or for help with a retail challenge, contact Town Square now.