A lesson in strategic focus.

It’s a great story of triumph against the odds. But more importantly it’s a great lesson in the power of strategic focus.

The America’s Cup – the oldest sporting contest in the world – was being defended by the United States in 1995 a low-budget, underdog challenge came from Team NZ run by Sir Peter Blake.

Team USA, sailing Stars and Stripes, had every advantage. But that meant Team NZ, sailing Black Magic had to be smarter at aligning every last resource against their one purpose.

They gave their bid focus by testing every decision against one simple question: will it make the boat go faster?

The single-minded focus and the discipline to sacrifice everything else against this one measure gave Team NZ victory against all the odds, with back-to-back wins in 1995 and 2000.

Strategy is the art of sacrifice. Success will only come from ruthless focus. Simple lessons – but lessons that all of us should remember when we’re developing our next communications plan.

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