The 1,440 minute question: Where has all my time gone?

For the average Aussie, today – like every day – will be a challenge. It’s a challenge to get through the hundreds of things that we have to get done and decisions we have to make in the 1,440 minutes available.

Modern life is crazy. We have more choice than we can cope with and more expectations to fulfill. This makes us as information-hungry as we are time-poor.

In this world of too many decisions and too much information to base them on, consumers have learned to become cognitive misers – using as few mental resources as necessary to get to the right decision.

And that means the brand that presents the right amount of information in the simplest way, will win.

Brands will lose when they:

  • overcomplicate – making it too hard for fluent decision-making
  • oversimplify – and fail to present the right reasons to choose

There is a sweet spot – a balance between complicate/simplify. There needs to be a brand story. It needs to be compelling and easy to digest.

At Town Square we encourage clients to ask 4 questions:

  1. How does my brand make life easier for our customer?
    Align with customers’ priorities and create BRAND AFFINITY
  2. How do we simplify the process of choosing us?
    Allow customers to make the purchase decision on their own terms and create BRAND PREFERENCE
  3. How do we encourage customers to choose us again?
    Provide post-purchase validation and create BRAND LOYALTY
  4. How do we enable customers to recommend us to others?
    Identify mutual benefit for the customer and their contacts to create BRAND ADVOCACY

The brand that acts as the customer’s ally in the battle to get through the day’s commitments is the brand a consumer will choose every time.

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