A big challenge

Most of our clients ask people to make big decisions. Like choosing a home, a university, a breast surgeon or a lifetime’s holiday. So we know a lot about considered purchases.


It’s homework time

Buying a chocolate bar doesn’t receive much thought. A decision with a high price tag or huge consequences does. Customers scour websites, brochures and reviews. Some even construct spreadsheets. For considered purchases, people are hungry for information.


Tiers of trust

Before a considered purchase, people consult four sources. The brand. The retailer. Customer reviews. Friends. The more a brand influences these sources, the more trust it establishes.


A high-stakes game

Price is not the only factor in considered purchases. One’s choice of contraceptive or bike helmet carries huge consequences. So consider them a considered purchase too.


Timing is everything

Big purchases are triggered by life’s big moments. Marriage. Children. Retirement. People enter a new market at each life stage. It’s a continual cycle and smart marketers welcome new arrivals with information and offers.


Waiting, waiting, waiting…

Often the safest decision is no decision. We must shift people from procrastination to purchase. Perhaps with an incentive or deal. Or by acknowledging and soothing their fears.


Everyone’s looking for reassurance

Everyone seeks validation of big purchases. The most avid readers of BMW ads are recent BMW buyers. People also want others to know they’ve chosen well. So we must keep selling after the sale.


Loyalty is a brand’s best friend

A customer has value beyond a single transaction. Great products or experiences create loyal fans. And fans become vocal brand ambassadors. When they buy again, the sale is yours to lose.


Are you being considered?

These principles don’t apply if nobody considers your brand. That’s where we can help.

If you need a team that really understands the difference between buying a can of beans and buying stuff that needs careful choice,
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