Not everyone considers their purchases. In fact some people let the roll of a dice make those decisions. And people like Luke Rhinehart let the dice decide everything.

Luke has been letting the dice make the major decisions in his life since the 1960s. The idea of gambling with his life’s direction became so compelling that he wrote a novel based on the concept.


“The Dice Man… is a creature whose actions are decided from day to day by the roll of dice, the dice choosing from among options created by the man.”

The Dice Man was published in 1971 and has become a cult classic. The blurb on the cover claims “This book will change your life”. And for the readers who decided to follow in the fictional protagonist’s footsteps, it has.

If your personality lies at the extremes of indecision or impulsion, the dice method may work well. But most of us arrive at decisions by various other combinations of logic and emotion. We’d be happy to share what we know about those decision-making thought processes,
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