In May 2015, National Nine News named Delfin Lend Lease’s Caroline Springs, the ‘Toorak of the West’.

How do you turn an empty parcel of land on the outskirts of Melbourne into the ‘Toorak of the West’?

It started in 1997 when Delfin Lend Lease gave us the task of positioning Caroline Springs, a windy, 800 hectare expanse of thistles and rocks. We started with a billboard declaring this barren scene to be The New West.

Creating demand for a project like Caroline Springs means defining a vision, articulating the competitive advantage, distilling the positioning and developing the creative approach, campaign execution, visual identity and logo. And as the project takes shape, the marketing program must evolve through a series of campaigns that reflect the evolution of the destination itself.

At one point, the Delfin campaign became that famous it was parodied on channel 10’s Thank God You’re Here.

Fast forward to today and Caroline Springs is a desirable suburb that 19,000 people call home, the flagship community for Lend Lease in Victoria and winner of Australia’s Best Masterplanned Community Award (2006). All land at Caroline Springs is now sold and homes are changing hands for up to $1,600,000 – a fact that did not escape the notice of the media in May 2015.


The Herald Sun covers the record breaking $1.6 million sale at Caroline Springs.

Caroline Springs is one of many masterplanned communities this agency has helped to create across Australia – from Mawson Lakes (SA), to Springfield Lakes (QLD), Ropes Crossing/Jordan Springs (NSW) and Forde (ACT). Every time, we take pride in generating demand and creating long-term value with compelling integrated marketing communications.

This is the last national campaign we created for Delfin Lend Lease before commencing work with Devine.

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