Spoilt by choice

Too much choice obstructs decision-making. So how can we help customers take the leap?


Name your price

Sometimes it’s price. Particularly if it’s less than your friends paid.


Got enough scarcity?

Scarcity can also help. ‘While stocks last’. ‘Must end soon’. Fear of missing out often seals the deal.


The fight for first

So does fear of not being first. For early adopters, ‘new’ means bragging rights. Previews, launch events and early-bird deals fuel the urge to buy first.


Work for it

Sometimes a brand ‘earns’ your money. By reaching out. By keeping you informed. By sending a glossy brochure. By inviting you to an event. When you opt in, ‘like’ or register our interest, you often buy.


What’s an offer?

People respond to incentives. A discount. A gift with purchase. Buy one, get one free. But incentives need some scarcity. Or people will only buy on sale.


Spread the word

Some people research before buying. But a friend’s recommendation is always more powerful.


A token of trust

Historically an artisan’s stamp guaranteed quality. Today a strong brand still does. And with trust comes trade.


Ask nicely

A polite request might just get the sale. People don’t mind being asked to buy now. As long as it’s nicely put.

So may we suggest you contact us now? Call 03 8534 3333 or email


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