What keeps Barack Obama up at night?

Apparently a lot.

According to Esquire magazine, actor George Clooney asked Obama the question at a fundraiser.

The US President replied, “Everything.”


Barack Obama: Thinking mode.

“Everything that gets to my desk is a critical mass. If it gets to my desk, then no one else could have handled it.”

While Obama is tossing and turning over the state of the world, American astrophysicist Neil deGrass Tyson spends the wee hours mulling over other-worldly matters.

“Would intelligent aliens that we encounter judge us to be intelligent? I lay awake at night wondering that,” Tyson said.

“ We come up with our own definitions of what’s intelligent! We come up with the tests!

“But would an alien intelligence so far beyond us see that we to they are like worms to us? That keeps me awake at night.”


Neil deGrass Tyson: Are we all just worms?

For Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, it’s financial matters that stop her from sleeping.

She told The Guardian newspaper she was kept awake by “… the possibility that my forensic accountant might not be mistaken about various people badly using me.”

Former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher was famous for getting by on four hours sleep a night.

But during the Falklands War she was so anxious she barely slept for the three months of the conflict.

She would sit up all night, fully dressed, huddled by an electric radiator, listening to the radio for news of the conflict and taking the occasional 20-minute catnap.


Margaret Thatcher: Looks like she could do with some kip.

We all have something that occupies our mind in the restless pre-dawn hours. For marketers it’s often a nagging business problem.

It might be the pressure to meet their sales targets.

Perhaps it’s concern about demonstrating sufficient ROI on their current marketing activity.

Or they might be worried about securing budgets for the next financial year.

They may then deliver a brief for a 30 second TV ad in the sincere belief it will solve their immediate problem.

But unless their agency works with them to understand what’s really making them stare at the ceiling until the garbage truck rumbles by, the agency’s work is unlikely to help the client sleep soundly.

If you’d like to talk about the marketing issues keeping you awake at night, call Harry Corsham (preferably during office hours) on 8534 3333 or email welcometo@townsquare.agency


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